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People also love the personality of the Golden Retrievers and want as much of that happy-go-lucky attitude as possible! Goldendoodles are usually far healthier than either of the dogs purebred parents. The Standard Goldendoodle usually matures to 45 – 100 lbs and is the largest Goldendoodle we produce. The smaller Goldendoodles such as the Mini Goldendoodle have less health problems because they share less of the same bad genetic traits. In fact that's true about most dogs; smaller dogs generally live longer than larger dogs. GOLDEN DOODLE PUPPIES. Teacup and Toy Goldendoodles are among the smallest of the Doodles. Mini Goldendoodles are still a relatively young breed, and many today are first-generation Mini Goldendoodles. As a result, the breed is not recognized by any major breed registry. However, there are many clubs and online organizations dedicated to Mini Goldendoodles, and these are excellent resources for meet-ups, tips & tricks, and other Goldendoodles by Design. 260 likes · 50 talking about this. Adopt a puppy or secure a spot on our waitlist

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**** Arizona Goldendoodles is now breeding Aussiedoodles !!! We have researched the Australian Shepherd and fell in love with the intelligence, beauty and gentle nature of the bred. Crossing them with a poodle creates a playful and easily trained family member.We are proud to offer genetically clear, healthy, highly trainable gorgeous puppies Goldendoodles are a cross between two of the top five smartest dogs in the world - a golden retriever and a poodle. Goldendoodles are the ideal family dog, combining the clever, yet silly side of the poodle with the placid, loyal, and loving nature of the golden retriever. Goldendoodles are low- to non-shedding, making them … Continue reading About Goldendoodles

Welcome to Amber Moon Goldendoodles!! We are a proud military family, and our home is a farm on approx. 10 acres in beautiful Southern Alabama. Here we raise Miniature Goldendoodles and Petite Goldendoodles with lots of love and attention. Our breeding program is small in size, we have a few litters each year.

Goldendoodles are calling! At Hidden Acres Puppies, our mission is to create memories and best friends, with one of America's favorite breeds. Visit today! Breeder of quality goldendoodles in Jacksonville. 722 Wellhouse Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32220, US. (904) 219-5444 Goldendoodles Our puppies are bred to be loyal, intelligent, affectionate and low to non-shedding, thus often helping to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions in many owners. There can not be a guarantee as to the amount of, or lack of, shedding a individual coat type may end up producing. Thank you for taking time to look into Silver Creek Goldendoodles. We live in Mill Spring, NC. Our PASSION is our goldendoodles, and providing households with family members like ours! Most of our females are anywhere from 15-38 pounds. We also have a few males that are the same size as our females, to produce honest minis.

h this agreement in place to ensure that all of our Goldendoodles remain in loving, forever homes: It is the agreement of the adoptive parents of a Canadian English Goldendoodle, should they no longer be able to provide a forever home for their puppy, that they will adhere to the rehoming agreement here.

Christensen Goldendoodles is a small family breeder of beautiful, high-quality Goldendoodle puppies (Standard & Mid Size) located near the Minnesota and North Dakota border. Your new puppy isn't just a part of your family, they're a part of ours! That's why we make sure each of our puppies is well-loved and receives the best possible care. Goldendoodles Our puppies are bred to be loyal, intelligent, affectionate and low to non-shedding, thus often helping to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions in many owners. There can not be a guarantee as to the amount of, or lack of, shedding a individual coat type may end up producing. LABRADOODLES GOLDENDOODLES GIANT SCHNOODLES CONTACT: Welcome To Sabrina's Labradoodles: Sabrina Alstat 3009 Beaucoup Rd. Vergennes, IL 62994. Cell 618-967-5429. Health Guarantee: We live on a farm in Southern Illinois. Our dogs are part of our family and get a lot of attention from our children. The children are as full of energy as the pups. Call us any time at (270)527-3744 or text 270-703-1568 Ask for Carla At Sweetie Doodles we raise Petite Mini English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles that are not only beautiful, but fit into your home and life. We offer Petite Mini sizes with the same great personality and looks as the full size English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. They come out of our AKC, health tested mothers and father. Welcome to Timberidge Goldendoodles. Your best friend can't wait to meet you - About Us - We are a small family breeder located in Loveland, Ohio. We specialize in breeding F1b English goldendoodles in shades of cream to apricot. We strive to breed the total dog working hard to ensure our dogs have the winning combination of health A Goldendoodle is a dog crossbreed bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, their name is a portmanteau of Golden Retriever and Labradoodle. Goldendoodles were first bred by designer dog breeders in the United States in the 1990s, although deliberately breeding poodles with golden retrievers preceded this, an example is Monica Dickens who crossed the two breeds in 1969.

Most Goldendoodles have a low- to non-shedding coat. They can have a straight coat that resembles a Golden Retriever, curly coat that resembles a Poodle, or a wavy coat which is a mixture of both breeds. They come in a variety of colors to include tan, white, apricot, gold, red, gray, or even black.

Meet Dixie Goldendoodles' handsome red and white parti micro miniature goldendoodle stud, Ignacio "Nacho" Libre. Nacho weighs 20 lbs and is an multi-generational goldendoodle. Nacho has been genetically tested and is clear of any disease common to Goldendoodles.

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